How to A) BUY a Pepler Painting  or  B) ORDER a Custom Painted Work of Art

A) How to BUY a Pepler Painting …

1. Visit your favourite section: florals, autos or … something else
2. Click to enlarge the painting you  love
3. Click Price Inquiry link below it to inquire about
the price (or just call me) or to ask me about the work

4. Arrange with me to pick it up or have it delivered.
5. Pay by credit card, cheque or cash … and it’s yours!

You’ll LOVE it more every day for the rest of your life.


B) How to ORDER a Custom Painted Work of Art

Simple … Just call or email me and tell all about your idea.

Read about the process here
Click here to see an example of a BEAUTIFUL Custom Ordered Painting
See a variety of completed Painted-to-Order Works of Art here
Anything is possible … Art Changes Everything

Above: Custom Painted Work of Art – Private Collection  Toronto, Ontario